History Twists in The Last Tsar’s Dragon by Jane Yolen

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As the author of well more than 300 books—many of them in the genres we all love best—Jane Yolen is a veritable institution in sci-fi and fantasy, and yet any new book from her warrants excitement for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that you never know quite what to expect when you crack one of them open (her most recent is a novella-length prose poem about a contemporary Baba Yaga).

Today, we’re happy to bring you news—and the cover—for one of her next releases. Co-written with her regular collaborator (and son) Adam Stemple (Singer of Souls), The Last Tsar’s Dragon is a fantastical alternate history that brings dragons into the true story of the waning days of the Russian monarchy.

Check out the official summery below, followed by the cover, with art by Elizabeth Story and design by Anabelle Gerardy Design.

It is the waning days of the Russian monarchy. A reckless man rules the land and his dragons rule the sky. Although the Tsar continues to send his reign of fire to scorch his enemies—Jews and Bolsheviks—instead he lays waste to his entire country.

Even dragons are cannot quell the conspiracies arising around the Tsar, from the ranks of the oppressed, political operatives, and one nameless functionary watching power slip away. Even the Tsar’s foreign-born wife believes that his tactics are tantamount to evil. But revolution is in the air—and the Red Army is hatching its own weapons.

Discover the crux of Russian history as it is radically and entertainingly re-imagined by dynamic writing team Jane Yolen (The Emerald Circus) and Adam Stemple.

Preorder The Last Tsar’s Dragon, available June 19, 2019.

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