Dooku: Jedi Lost Makes Me Wish There Were More Prequels to The Phantom Menace


The Phantom Menace is on the precipice of turning 20 years old. The lasting legacy of what it added (for better and worse) to Star Wars’ rich tapestry is still being debated today, but the recent release of another bit of prequel storytelling has had me thinking about something: Why aren’t we getting more stories…

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Discover the Secrets of Dooku: Jedi Lost

In a tale set during her days as a Sith Apprentice, Asajj Ventress has a new mission: uncover the secrets of her master Count Dooku.

Today, The Star Wars Show and are thrilled to announce a new audio original novel, Star Wars Dooku: Jedi Lost, available April 30. Get your first look at the cover art below!

Cover of Dooku: Jedi Lost.

The audio-only story, written by Cavan Scott, follows Dooku’s assassin Ventress as she uncovers why Dooku left the Jedi Order.

Narrated by a full cast including Euan Morton, Orlagh Cassidy, January LaVoy, Marc Thompson, and many more, the recording promises to deliver an epic exploration of a new chapter in Dooku’s story. All Star Wars, all the time.

Discover the Secrets of Dooku: Jedi Lost