Preview the Exclusive Saffron Story Included in the B&N Edition of Firefly Vol. 1

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It’s hard to believe it has been close to two decades since Joss Whedon’s Firefly lit up the Fox Network—and then saw its flame unceremoniously snuffed out after only 14 episodes.

Plenty of sci-fi shows have passionate fandoms, and plenty of too-soon-canned series have maintained a dedicated following, but no series that ran for as short a time as this weird space western has found followers whose passion has burned so brightly for so long—it was even enough to get a major movie studio to throw tens of million of dollars at a big screen adaptation!

While the passage of time (and even the death of a principle case member) has made another filmed continuation of the adventures of Captain Mal Reynolds and the crew of the Serenity unlikely, the series continues to live on in comics. Recently, Boom! Studios has reissued the original run of Firefly comics in handsome deluxe editions, and later this month, the publisher launches the trade paperback edition of Greg Pak and Dan McDaid’s recent series reboot, which goes back to the beginning to tell the story of the civil war between the oppressive Alliance and the rebel Browncoats that set Mal and his closest compatriot, Zoe Washburne, on a path to being the space outlaws we know and love.

Firefly, Vol. 1: The Unification War is being released in a special Barnes & Noble hardcover edition featuring a variant cover by acclaimed artist Jock.

The B&N edition is also the only place you can find “Bad Company,” an exclusive 40-page bonus story by Josh Lee Gordon and artist Francesco Mortarino featuring Mal’s ex-wife and expert con-woman Saffron!

Check out eight preview pages from “Bad Company” below, and preorder a copy of the exclusive edition of Firefly: Vol. 1 now!

 The Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition of Firefly, Vol. 1: The Unification War is available April 30.

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